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  • Safe keeping
  • Air shipment
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  • Forwarding and clearance

Our Mission

LGS-GN mission is to provide quality and effective business through its talented and efficient staff. The organization is also committed to offering valued advice to clients on consignments security, investigation on partners, shipping schedules, storage , assay report ,import and export related issues as well as follows up and expedite client's cargo. Our aim is to top the industry and become one of the most preferred Security forwarding companies in Guinea Conakry and around the world.


Lion gates Security Guinea , do what many companies does separately , we do all in one by offering a full package that contains Goods collections , Bonded Storage – Assay report - Security- investigations-Transportation- Exportation- clearing and forwarding . We work with you 24/24 h on 7 days to make sure you are satisfy and happy to work with our company you are welcome.


Lion Gates Security Guinea( LGS-GN) is a bonded security warehouse and export company , Founded by professional security and logistics groups as well as transportation, legally registered in guinea Conakry having partnership and affiliation with company and government of countries around the world. LGS-GN is here to provide outstanding quality that continues to secure loyal customer base. The Company has developed strong, young management team, which together with the members and client are committed to working within established quality procedures to provide each customer with the most reliable personalized service and dedicated to the continuous development of both our people and our services. We pride ourselves on providing a flexible and innovative approach to achieving solutions for our customers, helping them in turn to meet the increasing demands of their customers. Our Company services are based upon a consistently high standard of quality. The Management of the Company place significant emphasis on staff training, the need for which is carefully identified with each individual to create a program covering both statutory, industry requirements and personal development. In recognition of the Company's responsibility to ensure the safety of staff and the environment. LGSGN By understanding our client's needs and requirements we have found our niche in the Security, Transportation, Clearing and Forwarding and Consolidation. The company is strategically positioned in consignment collection, assay report, Security, Transport , bonded storage , private plane hiring , Clearing and Forwarding Industry to service both Multinational Exporters and Importers, as well as Individuals, wanting to be able to compete on a level playing field.


Amara Soumaoro

Amara Soumaoro


We're ready to collect your package

Lion Gates Security Guinea is ready and willing to assist you collect, assay, store and transport your consignment at your destination as far as you have an metal account with us.